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NJ First Lady invited Norma and a few of us involved with the NJ Library Champions campaign to attend a reception celebrating NJ Heroes. Our very own NJ Library Champion Zach Parise decided to join us, hurt knee and all. He was so gracious, posing for photos and even signing a picture the Morris High School Hockey Team sent us. Here are some other photos from the event.
Enjoy! -Nancy


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The Library Champion campaign continues …

1. NJ Library Champion Zach Parise is coming to the NJ State Library on May 25. He’ll read to the kids from the Katzenbach School, then will be presented with a proclamation from First Lady Mary Pat Christie. Fans will have a chance to meet with him from 1 to 2 pm. Zach is an incredible role model for children, teens and adults. We are extremely grateful for his support of NJ libraries and are honored that he and the First Lady will be here. If you’re in town, we’d love to have you come too! Feel free to share this information with your co-workers and customers. Our address is 185 West State Street, Trenton.

2. Curious George is coming to Clifton Public Library on May 21. This is the third free program the Meadowlands has sponsored as part of the NJ Library Champions campaign. The contest for free tickets to see Curious George has passed but here is a discount link for Curious George Live! People must use code LIBRARY to get the discount: http://www.ticketmaster.com/promo/7wi4vc .

3. We are partnering with NJLA’s Summer Reading Committee and the Meadowlands to offer families from your library the chance to win four free tickets to four different family events:

The Wiggles: August 17
Sesame Street Live: September 3-0- Oct. 3
Disney Live: November 12-13
Disney on Ice: November 23-28

These are great family shows. We suggest you use this contest on outreach events as a way to attract new families to your library and as a way to encourage children to register for Summer Reading.

Anyone can enter to win the free tickets. They just have to go to njlibrarychampions.org, click on “Contests”, and then fill out the online form. Deadlines for entering each contest is posted online. We’ll be drawing 25 families for each contest. We’ve taken care of all the administrative work for you. The State Library will choose the winners, send them tickets and let you know if any winners were from your library.

We will be advertising this contest online at NJ.com and will seek to secure media placement on the state level but the true strength of this campaign is the personal connections you can make on the local level.

Here are some free tools we’ll be sending to your library:

• Place mini-posters on desktops, shelf end posts and at other high traffic areas
• Give out to local businesses or community centers
• We have plenty. Order more through email: Gary Cooper, gcooper@njstatelib.org

Send the press release we provide to your local newspaper letting them know your library is participating in the NJ Library Champions program. We’ve created a template on the NJSL Marketing Blog.

Distribute bookmarks at your outreach events, place in books that are checked out and at children’s activities.

WEB SITE njlibrarychampions.org
The NJ Library Champion Web site is the place where people can learn more about the champions, enter contests for great prizes and sign up to become library champions.

Add a web link to njlibrarychampions.org on your library’s site! We’ve created badges for all the champions so you can have choice. Get badges here: http://njlibrarychampions.org/badges

Please feel free to contact me directly with ideas, comments or questions. – Nancy

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The State Library is reaching out to people who are out of work and looking for jobs and letting them know they can get help at their local library. Look for a billboard on Route 29 and a series of commercials on NJN this month. We are encouraging all libraries to include the commercials on your web sites and include in any presentations you are making.

Download the commercials at: http://tinyurl.com/njslvideos

On April 10, we had the opportunity to speak about the library champions program to the 17,000+ spectators watching the NJ Devils game in the stadium and tens of thousands of fans watching the game on MSG and listening on their fan radio station.

Many of the families that use our libraries are sports enthusiasts. If you are looking for an effective outreach event, why not consider setting up an outreach in your community featuring Library Champion Zach Parisi. The Devils are number 2 seed and finals begin this week. Zach is one of the most loved players on the Devils team and we are sure his younger fans would love to get one of his posters. We can provide you with lots of Zach Parisi posters (while they last) to give out. Make it an outstanding outreach event and sign people up to become library champions!

Here’s the Devil’s schedule:

Game 1: Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., at Devils
Game 2: Friday, 7:30 p.m., at Devils
Game 3: Sunday, 6 p.m., at Philadelphia
Game 4: April 20, 7:30 p.m., at Philadelphia
Game 5*: April 22, 7 p.m., at Devils
Game 6*: April 25, TBD, at Philadelphia
Game 7*: April 27, 7:30 p.m., Devils
* If necessary

Our supply is limited please email Gary Cooper to get your posters: gcooper@njstatelib.org

QUESTIONS? Feel free to contact me directly. -Nancy 609-278-2640 x 122 ndowd@njstatelib.org

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NJ Library Champion Zach Parise

**Update – Not only was a photo of the billboard included but they really highlighted the fact that he is a NJ Library Champion! Here’s a link to the online article.

We just got word that the February 22 issue of Sports Illustrated has a three page article on Zach Parise that includes a photo of the NJ Library Champion billboard and specifically mentions that Zach is a NJ Library Champion!

Zach plays for the NJ Devils and is a member of the US Hockey Team. This is a great opportunity for libraries to join with the excitement of the Olympics and get your customers involved with the Champions Campaign.

NJLA is looking to get 10,000 champions signed up this month and the State Library might have just the thing to energize your customers.

Here are some ideas:
Since Zach is a member of the US Hockey team, why not set up a display with Olympic materials and include Zach’s poster and copy of the article from the Feb. 22 issue of SI?

Encourage people to be a library champion! Let them know how easy it is- just go to njlibrarychampions.org and click on “Become a Champion.”

We’ve set up a special contest on the site for people to have a chance to win a free poster of Zach to help you encourage people to sign up. There is also a contest to win free four tickets to see the ice skating stars from Vancouver.

Spread the news about champions via social network sites. All of the pages on http://www.njlibrarychampions.org have links for you to share on Facebook, Google, Yahoo, etc.. Just scroll down.

This is a perfect time to reach out to the local hockey teams, skating clubs, etc – if you need posters to give out email gcooper@njstatelib.org and he’ll send them to you.

If you have any other ideas or questions please feel free to email me or post as comments. Thanks- Nancy

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NJSL wants to help your library promote your value and attract new champions. We just ordered a second batch of posters and are ready to get them out to you. Here’s how:

NJSL will send your library free NJ Library Champion posters for you to display in your library.
Order here.

Get the excitement going in your library. We’ll send you 10 free posters to give away as prizes!
Order your posters here.

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The New Jersey State Library and the Meadowlands Sports Complex have partnered to promote the valuable role reading plays in helping everyone succeed in life. Your customers can be entered into a drawing to win four free tickets to various events by filling out an online form with the name of a book they have read at http://njlibrarychampions.org

Prizes in the upcoming months include tickets to these family shows at the IZOD Center: Monster Jam, Harlem Globetrotters, Nuclear Cowboyz Freestyle Motocross, Ringling Bros. And Barnum & Bailey FUNundrum, Smucker’s Stars on Ice and Nets games. This is an excellent opportunity to conduct outreach to families in your communities through community groups, businesses and schools.

Libraries will receive large color posters. If you would like more to distribute please contact Gary Cooper gcooper@njstatelib.org

FLYERS FOR LIBRARIES TO PRINT Download this flyer to display in your library or distribute at schools, community centers, local businesses, etc.

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NJ Library Champions

This month the NJ State Library is rolling out the NJ Library Champions public awareness campaign that will support the NJ Library Association’s effort enlisting people to support libraries by becoming a NJ library champion. Here are some exciting things that are happening now.

****UPDATE: Add a web link to njlibrarychampions.org on your library’s site! We’ve created badges for all the champions so you can have choice. Click here to get the files..

The State Library has created a beautiful site featuring famous NJ library champions and key advocacy messages. We are also adding fun trivia games and a section where people can win free prizes by entering the latest book they read. Winning entries will be drawn randomly. Viewers are invited to sign up to become a NJ Library Champion with NJLA. We will be providing icons for libraries to display on your Web pages very shortly.

The State Library has secured billboards in north and south Jersey and media spots on Path train station platforms. The combined venues will have a media reach of over 5 million impressions. (See the list of locations below.) This first wave of media will be targeted to people “on the go” who are either traveling in their cars or on the trains. There will be a mobile-based call to action asking people to text “Champion” to 51684 in order to receive more information about the campaign.

Billboard Locations:
• Trent Cole: Rts 40/322 1.4 Miles W/O Atlantic Ave (Facing West)

• A.J. Burnett : NJ Turnpike @ MM 109.4 .5 miles N.O Exit 15W- Western Spur (Facing North)

• Justin Tuck: NJ Turnpike @MM 116.2 N/O Exit 18W Western Spur (Facing North)

• Zach Parise: NJ Turnpike N/O Exit 16E @ I-495 (Facing South)

Path Trains:
A 15 second video montage featuring Justin Tuck, A.J. Burnett and Zach Parise as NJ Library Champions with their quotes will run on 32’ and 42’ screens at six stations heavily trafficked by NJ commuters. These daytime spots will run during December and February for a total of over 3 million impressions including key rush hour viewing times.

Order posters for your library.
We are providing libraries with free NJ Library Champion posters. Order now and you will receive yours by January. Go to: http://tinyurl.com/njchampions

If you see the billboard or video be sure to take a picture and send it to us: gcooper@njstatelib.org
Thanks- Nancy

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