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The New Jersey State Library is pleased to bring an innovative marketing webcast series to our library community. We are partnering with OrangeBoy, Inc. to offer a four-part marketing series to provide hands-on guidance to acquire new cardholders, meet cardholder and community needs, and align services and programs with mission-critical goals. In this era of belt-tightening and decreased resources, the workshops will identify ways we can use marketing techniques to strengthen our value to the communities we serve.

Effective Market Research Techniques
February 24, 2011
Time: 10- 11 am
Registration Web Link: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/972601954

Behind every great marketing effort lies a robust research component that allows organizations to make decisions based on data instead of instinct. This session will cover the following topics:

-Defining research goals

-Primary research vs. secondary research techniques

-Qualitative vs. quantitative techniques

-Survey design and analysis

-Sharing research results across the organization and your community

-How to apply research efforts to organizational goals and initiatives

Session 2: Customer Segmentation
March 24, 2011
Time: 10- 11 am
Registration Web Link: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/355902995
Session Two builds upon the first session by provided a detailed way to assess and size your library service area, with a particular focus of community members who are existing library users. If you know who is using the library and how they are using it, you can tailor facilities, collections and programs to their needs and prioritize the audiences that directly align with mission-critical goals. The webcast covers the following topics:

-Defining customer segmentation

-Sizing and assessing your library service area

-Segmentation tools and techniques

-Examples of how libraries are using this information to manage collections, design facilities, align programs and services, and target marketing and communication efforts

Session 3:Product and Service Development
April 14, 2011
Time: 10- 11 am
Registration Web Link: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/151054891

Financial and human resources are limited, and in some cases, shrinking for many libraries. This session provides a framework to assess, manage, enhance and add programs and services to serve targeted audiences most effectively. This approach provides libraries the ability to dedicate resources toward efforts that align with mission-critical goals and deliver community impact. Session topics include:

-Benefits of building a structured product and service development process

-Tips for evaluating existing programs and services

-How to “sunset” or end programs and services that no longer align with library priorities

-New product development tips and techniques

Session 4: Case Study – Bringing it All Together
May 26, 2011
Time: 10- 11 am
Registration Web Link: https://www2.gotomeeting.com/register/756935931

The final session ties the three previous sessions together with a case study that centers on the question “What type of job help services would best serve my library to its full advantage?” The session will cover:

-Primary and secondary market research techniques used to size the potential market of job seekers

-Segment and prioritize the market to determine different needs of job seekers

-Assess current offerings and determine gaps based on needs

-Define new offerings and build roll out plan

Presenter: Sandra Swanson
Sandra Swanson is principal and chief operating officer of OrangeBoy, Inc., a research and analytics firm headquartered in Columbus, with offices in Portland. One of OrangeBoy’s key library clients includes the Columbus Metropolitan Library (CML), Library Journal’s 2010 Library of the Year. Sandra works closely with Alison Circle, CML marketing director and author of The Bubble Room, a library marketing blog on Library Journal. OrangeBoy played an instrumental role in helping CML identify and prioritize customer segments based on library behaviors and uses. CML used this information to formulate its strategic plan and guide the organization for the past five years.

In addition to its work with CML, OrangeBoy’s partial library client list includes Santa Clara County Library, the Public Library of Cincinnati and Hamilton County, Multhomah County Library, and Cuyahoga County Library. OrangeBoy has presented at the Public Library Association, California Library Association, Ohio Library Council, The Library Journal Director’s Summit, and numerous library boards, management teams and staff training sessions.

Prior to joining the firm in 2001, Sandra worked as a product manager for LEXIS-NEXIS, where she developed one of the company’s first Windows-based search products for end users. Sandra received her MBA from Capital University and a B.A. in Communications from The Ohio State University.


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The State Library is reaching out to people who are out of work and looking for jobs and letting them know they can get help at their local library. Look for a billboard on Route 29 and a series of commercials on NJN this month. We are encouraging all libraries to include the commercials on your web sites and include in any presentations you are making.

Download the commercials at: http://tinyurl.com/njslvideos

On April 10, we had the opportunity to speak about the library champions program to the 17,000+ spectators watching the NJ Devils game in the stadium and tens of thousands of fans watching the game on MSG and listening on their fan radio station.

Many of the families that use our libraries are sports enthusiasts. If you are looking for an effective outreach event, why not consider setting up an outreach in your community featuring Library Champion Zach Parisi. The Devils are number 2 seed and finals begin this week. Zach is one of the most loved players on the Devils team and we are sure his younger fans would love to get one of his posters. We can provide you with lots of Zach Parisi posters (while they last) to give out. Make it an outstanding outreach event and sign people up to become library champions!

Here’s the Devil’s schedule:

Game 1: Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., at Devils
Game 2: Friday, 7:30 p.m., at Devils
Game 3: Sunday, 6 p.m., at Philadelphia
Game 4: April 20, 7:30 p.m., at Philadelphia
Game 5*: April 22, 7 p.m., at Devils
Game 6*: April 25, TBD, at Philadelphia
Game 7*: April 27, 7:30 p.m., Devils
* If necessary

Our supply is limited please email Gary Cooper to get your posters: gcooper@njstatelib.org

QUESTIONS? Feel free to contact me directly. -Nancy 609-278-2640 x 122 ndowd@njstatelib.org

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It’s 2009 … and America has gone mobile! In the presidential election last fall, more than 3 million people opted in to receive updates from Barack Obama’s campaign on their cell phones. There are now more cell phones in the U.S. than cable televisions or PCs. And each month, Americans send more text messages on their mobile phones than place calls.

As librarians, we are in a unique position to capitalize on this technology. Why? Because among the fastest-growing users of text messaging technology, are our library customers, including teenagers, minorities and moms. We see text messaging as a cost-effective, immediate technology that can quickly communicate vital library information, alerts, special events and community promotions. Beginning May 1, we have partnered with Gold Mobile, New Jersey’s largest mobile marketing company, to create the “mLibraries” pilot program. This is the first of its kind in the U.S. – and the State Library is looking for 4 New Jersey libraries to test pilot this new technology to help us determine what works best and what doesn’t for libraries.

Each library will receive a free account for six months and will be assigned the leading mobile strategist with Gold Group, Jeff Greene, to develop a marketing plan designed to meet your library’s specific goals to reach teens and Gen Y parents. The account will provide libraries with a command center platform that will provide the ability to use exclusive mobile keywords; send and receive text and email messages; and track, report and archive messages. At the end of six months each library will create an evaluative report to the New Jersey State Library and be used to help other libraries interested in utilizing this cutting edge technology to promote their services.

In order to get a representative of different types of libraries we are looking for one small stand-alone, one large stand-alone, one urban and one system library.

Any library interested in participating in this pilot program should send the following responses to Nancy Dowd, NJSL Director of Marketing by May 22, 2009: ndowd@njstatelib.org

2009 Mobile Marketing Pilot Grant Application (word doc)

2009 NJSL Mobile Marketing Pilot Program Application

The libraries that will benefit the most from this program would have the following. Please include a brief description of how your library qualifies for each item and sum it all up in a 140 character or less message that tells us why your library is the best fit for this program.

1. Have an active mailing list to reach your members directly through traditional mail, email or other medium

2. Have a strong Teen/ YA program
3. Conduct a lot of programs for young adults and children
4. Are open to creative promotional ideas
5. Willing to allocate some of your marketing resources to promote the campaign
6. Are comfortable with mobile phones
7. Are excited about the possibilities of mobile marketing
8. Are looking to reach a diverse group of parents including African American and Hispanic

9. My library would be the best fit for this pilot because: (140 characters or less)
Contact Person: Phone/Email:
Deadline: May 22, 2009
Please email your application to Nancy Dowd, NJSL Director of Marketing at ndowd@njstatelib.org.

Mobile Marketing Committee:
Nancy Dowd, Director of Marketing
David Lisa, Urban Libraries and Adult Services Project Specialist
Sharon Rawlins, Youth Services Consultant

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Congrats to Justin Hoenke his teen filmmakers! Michael Stephens of Tame the Web posted Cape May County’s “Get Caught Reading” video on his blog!

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If you missed the Marketing Boot Camp here is the PPT from Jeff Greene about mobile marketing. This is THE newest thing in marketing and we are working at a plan to give NJ libraries the chance to start using it for your campaigns… cheap! I’ll keep you posted.

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News 12 My Town, an experimental pilot program on News 12 New Jersey’s website, has started with sites for the towns of Bergenfield and Fair Lawn. Anyone can post information and events to the site. This would be another outlet for posting library event information and even linking to the site. The one challenging aspect of the News 12 site, is that you will need to enter a Cablevision or Comcast account number to register and enter the first time. On their New Jersey page, the News 12 My Town tab is on the left of the screen. If this program proves popular, News 12 plans to establish a site for every town in NJ.

Since News 12 is looking to make this a statewide venue, why not take a look if you are a subscriber, and let us know what you think in the comment section and we’ll pass them on.

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