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NJ First Lady invited Norma and a few of us involved with the NJ Library Champions campaign to attend a reception celebrating NJ Heroes. Our very own NJ Library Champion Zach Parise decided to join us, hurt knee and all. He was so gracious, posing for photos and even signing a picture the Morris High School Hockey Team sent us. Here are some other photos from the event.
Enjoy! -Nancy


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11/25 Update
My friend Andy Woodworth wrote a beautiful piece that you simply must read. Read here. I know our lives are often so busy that we don’t even have the time to think about those whose words have touched our lives. If Andy’s words touched your heart, then consider passing on the gift by sharing your words. Life is all about one human being sharing with another human being. This is your chance to share what is good and inspirational with others. If you decide to write more than a line, feel free to send it my way.

Happy Thanksgiving. -Nancy

This is National November Write Your Own Book Month and the New Jersey State Library is taking the challenge to write a book with 50,000 words in one month. We need your help to both write and to spread the word to EVERYONE you know – friends, family, customers, co-workers, hairdressers, teachers, students. Everyone has the potential to write something that might positively impact the life of a stranger with this book!

Here is the plan:
The NJ State Library will compile a book with the collective wisdom of people sharing advice with another human being. Words of wisdom for a child, friend, politician, parent, teenager, adult, parent … The catch is, you have to text your advice and it can only be 140 characters or less. We’ll collect your text messages until we have 50,000 words of wisdom. The name of the book will be, H2H (Human to Human) wisdom in 140 characters- unless someone texts us a better title! We’ll even publish it online so you can share it with your friends and families.

Three ways to submit your H2H words of wisdom:

1. Text “H2H” to 51684, hit “space” and type your advice. Standard message charges apply. You’ll receive a message to let you know your submission has been accepted. We will keep you updated about the book but we won’t send more than 1 message per week and you can stop the messages anytime you want by replying “Stop”.

2. Tweet to: @h2hbook

We will include your initials or first name to your quote if you include it. All entries must be submitted no later than November 30.

3. Go online: Follow this link and fill out your words of wisdom online.


No profanity

No personal references

While we would love to use all quotes that are submitted, we will be editing the final product and reserve the right to reject submissions.

Questions? Nancy Dowd: ndowd@njstatelib.org

Nancy Dowd
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
New Jersey State Library
609-278-2640 ext 122

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It’s 2009 … and America has gone mobile! In the presidential election last fall, more than 3 million people opted in to receive updates from Barack Obama’s campaign on their cell phones. There are now more cell phones in the U.S. than cable televisions or PCs. And each month, Americans send more text messages on their mobile phones than place calls.

As librarians, we are in a unique position to capitalize on this technology. Why? Because among the fastest-growing users of text messaging technology, are our library customers, including teenagers, minorities and moms. We see text messaging as a cost-effective, immediate technology that can quickly communicate vital library information, alerts, special events and community promotions. Beginning May 1, we have partnered with Gold Mobile, New Jersey’s largest mobile marketing company, to create the “mLibraries” pilot program. This is the first of its kind in the U.S. – and the State Library is looking for 4 New Jersey libraries to test pilot this new technology to help us determine what works best and what doesn’t for libraries.

Each library will receive a free account for six months and will be assigned the leading mobile strategist with Gold Group, Jeff Greene, to develop a marketing plan designed to meet your library’s specific goals to reach teens and Gen Y parents. The account will provide libraries with a command center platform that will provide the ability to use exclusive mobile keywords; send and receive text and email messages; and track, report and archive messages. At the end of six months each library will create an evaluative report to the New Jersey State Library and be used to help other libraries interested in utilizing this cutting edge technology to promote their services.

In order to get a representative of different types of libraries we are looking for one small stand-alone, one large stand-alone, one urban and one system library.

Any library interested in participating in this pilot program should send the following responses to Nancy Dowd, NJSL Director of Marketing by May 22, 2009: ndowd@njstatelib.org

2009 Mobile Marketing Pilot Grant Application (word doc)

2009 NJSL Mobile Marketing Pilot Program Application

The libraries that will benefit the most from this program would have the following. Please include a brief description of how your library qualifies for each item and sum it all up in a 140 character or less message that tells us why your library is the best fit for this program.

1. Have an active mailing list to reach your members directly through traditional mail, email or other medium

2. Have a strong Teen/ YA program
3. Conduct a lot of programs for young adults and children
4. Are open to creative promotional ideas
5. Willing to allocate some of your marketing resources to promote the campaign
6. Are comfortable with mobile phones
7. Are excited about the possibilities of mobile marketing
8. Are looking to reach a diverse group of parents including African American and Hispanic

9. My library would be the best fit for this pilot because: (140 characters or less)
Contact Person: Phone/Email:
Deadline: May 22, 2009
Please email your application to Nancy Dowd, NJSL Director of Marketing at ndowd@njstatelib.org.

Mobile Marketing Committee:
Nancy Dowd, Director of Marketing
David Lisa, Urban Libraries and Adult Services Project Specialist
Sharon Rawlins, Youth Services Consultant

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Videos are a great way to communicate your library’s value to your customers, so why not create your own? Plus if you create a digital story by June 1 and you could win a visit from StoryCorps (valued at $5000), an HD video camera or a Flip camera! But you must hurry because the deadline is June 1!

The NJLA IT Section and NJSL have scheduled a webinar on how to create a digital story using PhotoStory 3 on May 18. Register here for the free webinar.

But why wait? If you can make a PowerPoint you can use PhotoStory 3! Instructions, contest details, rules and prizes can be found here.

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The New Jersey State Library has created two commercials designed to promote how libraries are helping our customers during tough economic times. We are running them on NJN, public access channels and Comcast and now are offering your library the opportunity to use them on your site too.

Just click on the video to get to YouTube and download the code.



Questions? Email me at ndowd@njstatelib.org

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The deadline for the Digital Story contest is coming up on June 1. Step-by-step instructions and a video on how to use Photo Story 3 are posted on the “How to Use Photo Story 3” page above.

We are looking for stories that demonstrate how your library is transforming lives. The winning library will receive a Door- to Door visit from StoryCorps. This is valued at $5000 and has been donated by Novelist. Second prize is a HD Video camera and the third prize is a Flip video camera.

Don’t delay …. you know how to tell a story, now is the time to create! Questions? Email me- ndowd@njstatelib.org

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Erik Boekesteijn and Jaap van de Geer, librarians from DOK, the “library concept center” came to New Jersey. What an inspirational event! We will post details from the presentation this week but meanwhile take a peek at some photos we posted on Flickr.

Amy Kearns posted a video demonstrating Augmented Reality that Erik and Jaap spoke about.

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