The State Library has launched the first segment of NJWorks@yourlibrary with the release of Learning Express Career and Job Accelerator online resource. Libraries are encouraged to keep up with the latest news, order promotional materials from the NJWorks@yourlibrary page [see tab above].

Nancy Dowd, Director of Marketing Email: ndowd@njstatelib.org
Gary Cooper, Media Specialist Email: gcooper@njstatelib.org


We need your input

Part of the $7.5 million dollars NJSL received to increase broadband in NJ libraries included funding to develop resources and training to help our libraries serve job seekers. All public libraries will have access to Learning Express Career Accelerator and will be able to host computer classes for job seekers conducted by the County College Consortium. Even if you don’t have a computer lab, the CCC will bring lap tops- all you need is the space to seat people! (Questions about the program? Contact Kathi Peiffer: kpeiffer@njstatelib.org]

NJSL Marketing is charged with putting together the promotional campaign to help you publicize your library as a place for job seekers to get help. In this initial stage of planning we need your input as to what kind of materials you would want for your library. Would you take this quick poll and let us know what works best in your library?

We were thinking of creating a postcard that had a full color front. We’d keep the back blank so you could print out upcoming classes on stickers. You could mail them, leave in library or give out at outreach events. We were thinking this would give you the flexibility to keep the content specific to your library’s needs while getting a nice looking promotional piece. The other pieces are pretty standard. If you have a specific size poster that works best for you, please let us know that as well. We’ll be printing more than one item, so please check off as many as you like.

If you have any other suggestions please feel free to leave a comment or email me directly [ndowd@njstatelib.org]

Thanks! –Nancy

I’ll be posting the initial designs here soon!

The NJLA PR Committee and NJSL are partnering to help libraries attract new library champions. After you have asked members of your community and elected officials to become a champion for your library, why not create a poster with their photo and a quote? We’ve made two templates for you to use. Just insert the photo and the champion’s name and quote and you have a poster! You might have to enlarge the phot to fit the space, if you have any problems give me a call- 609-278-2640 x 122 or email me at ndowd@njstatelib.org.

Would our champion like to be a statewide library champion? Forward the photo, name and quote and we’ll post them to the NJ Library Champions page!




Meadowlands Contest

We have sent libraries bookmarks and posters promoting the Summer Reading Library Champion Contest. Families have the opportunity to win four free tickets to see the Wiggles, Sesame Street Live, Disney on Ice and Disney Live. This contest comes to your library at a great time for your customers who might be tightening their belts. A secondary contest features a child’s sized jersey signed by NJ Devils player Zach Parise.

Customers just have to go to njlibrarychampions,org, tell us a book they read and give their contact information. If a winner is from your library, we’ll call you.

It’s easy, great rewards for your customers and draws people o the library champion website where we can share more information about the value of libraries. What’s not to love about this? Please email Gary of you need more bookmarks. The contests run through November, so schools can participate too.

Gary’s email: gcooper@njstatelib.org

Champions Update

The Library Champion campaign continues …

1. NJ Library Champion Zach Parise is coming to the NJ State Library on May 25. He’ll read to the kids from the Katzenbach School, then will be presented with a proclamation from First Lady Mary Pat Christie. Fans will have a chance to meet with him from 1 to 2 pm. Zach is an incredible role model for children, teens and adults. We are extremely grateful for his support of NJ libraries and are honored that he and the First Lady will be here. If you’re in town, we’d love to have you come too! Feel free to share this information with your co-workers and customers. Our address is 185 West State Street, Trenton.

2. Curious George is coming to Clifton Public Library on May 21. This is the third free program the Meadowlands has sponsored as part of the NJ Library Champions campaign. The contest for free tickets to see Curious George has passed but here is a discount link for Curious George Live! People must use code LIBRARY to get the discount: http://www.ticketmaster.com/promo/7wi4vc .

3. We are partnering with NJLA’s Summer Reading Committee and the Meadowlands to offer families from your library the chance to win four free tickets to four different family events:

The Wiggles: August 17
Sesame Street Live: September 3-0- Oct. 3
Disney Live: November 12-13
Disney on Ice: November 23-28

These are great family shows. We suggest you use this contest on outreach events as a way to attract new families to your library and as a way to encourage children to register for Summer Reading.

Anyone can enter to win the free tickets. They just have to go to njlibrarychampions.org, click on “Contests”, and then fill out the online form. Deadlines for entering each contest is posted online. We’ll be drawing 25 families for each contest. We’ve taken care of all the administrative work for you. The State Library will choose the winners, send them tickets and let you know if any winners were from your library.

We will be advertising this contest online at NJ.com and will seek to secure media placement on the state level but the true strength of this campaign is the personal connections you can make on the local level.

Here are some free tools we’ll be sending to your library:

• Place mini-posters on desktops, shelf end posts and at other high traffic areas
• Give out to local businesses or community centers
• We have plenty. Order more through email: Gary Cooper, gcooper@njstatelib.org

Send the press release we provide to your local newspaper letting them know your library is participating in the NJ Library Champions program. We’ve created a template on the NJSL Marketing Blog.

Distribute bookmarks at your outreach events, place in books that are checked out and at children’s activities.

WEB SITE njlibrarychampions.org
The NJ Library Champion Web site is the place where people can learn more about the champions, enter contests for great prizes and sign up to become library champions.

Add a web link to njlibrarychampions.org on your library’s site! We’ve created badges for all the champions so you can have choice. Get badges here: http://njlibrarychampions.org/badges

Please feel free to contact me directly with ideas, comments or questions. – Nancy

NJSL Marketing Update

The State Library is reaching out to people who are out of work and looking for jobs and letting them know they can get help at their local library. Look for a billboard on Route 29 and a series of commercials on NJN this month. We are encouraging all libraries to include the commercials on your web sites and include in any presentations you are making.

Download the commercials at: http://tinyurl.com/njslvideos

On April 10, we had the opportunity to speak about the library champions program to the 17,000+ spectators watching the NJ Devils game in the stadium and tens of thousands of fans watching the game on MSG and listening on their fan radio station.

Many of the families that use our libraries are sports enthusiasts. If you are looking for an effective outreach event, why not consider setting up an outreach in your community featuring Library Champion Zach Parisi. The Devils are number 2 seed and finals begin this week. Zach is one of the most loved players on the Devils team and we are sure his younger fans would love to get one of his posters. We can provide you with lots of Zach Parisi posters (while they last) to give out. Make it an outstanding outreach event and sign people up to become library champions!

Here’s the Devil’s schedule:

Game 1: Wednesday, 7:30 p.m., at Devils
Game 2: Friday, 7:30 p.m., at Devils
Game 3: Sunday, 6 p.m., at Philadelphia
Game 4: April 20, 7:30 p.m., at Philadelphia
Game 5*: April 22, 7 p.m., at Devils
Game 6*: April 25, TBD, at Philadelphia
Game 7*: April 27, 7:30 p.m., Devils
* If necessary

Our supply is limited please email Gary Cooper to get your posters: gcooper@njstatelib.org

QUESTIONS? Feel free to contact me directly. -Nancy 609-278-2640 x 122 ndowd@njstatelib.org

As libraries continue face an uphill battle for funding, your local press may play an important role in communicating the impact budget cuts will have on members in your community. While the old adage may be that any media is good media, that’s not really the case when it comes to gaining support for your library.

A good interview with a reporter is fairly simple with the proper preparation. There was a great interview with Leslie Berger in the Princeton Packet last week. What makes it so powerful is that she successfully connected the proposed budget cuts to how they will impact her library. Every paragraph is a talking point that matters to her community.

Here are a few tips that will help you prepare for an interview:


1. Prepare your key messages
Know the most important facts you want the reporter to know. For example, in the case of the current proposed cuts, the key message would be that the proposed cuts would eliminate state funding for all NJ libraries and how they will impact your library specifically.

2. Offer the reporter additional contact information

Give the reporter the names and phone numbers of other people relevant to the article, don’t forget NJLA and NJSL:
Pat Tumulty, Executive Director of NJLA 609- 394-8032
Norma Blake, NJ State Librarian 609-278-2640

Do you have champions willing to share their story with a reporter?
Collect the names and contact information of a couple of people who have directly benefited from the essential services your library is providing and ask them if they’d be willing to talk to reporters. For those of you who took the Strategic Storytelling workshop, it’s time to start your storybank!

NJSL has some stories posted on http://www.njlibrarychampions.org. If there are people from your library listed, email me at ndowd@njstatelib.org and I’ll send you the contact information. Look for stories from people your library has helped solved a problem that affirms the points you are making such as a person who needed the online resources, Internet to get a job, books through delivery, etc. Make sure you’ve called your contacts to be sure they want to speak to a reporter.

3. Notes are good
Always have your notes handy to make sure your facts are correct. When you are speaking to a reporter over the phone: sit up straight, smile and relax your voice. Have a fact sheet that you can share with the reporter and offer to email it. If you don’t know an answer to a question, don’t be afraid to tell the reporter that you’ll need to get back with an answer or let him or her know the person who can answer the question.

4. Offer to send photos
It’s a good idea to have a few high-resolution photos of your library that would help enhance the story. Here’s is a great opportunity to use those photos you took for Snapshot Day!


In order to make sure your interview with reporters and elected officials meaningful, you’ll want to collect the following information and have it at your fingertips at all times!

1. Know your facts: what will the proposed cuts eliminate?

Local libraries will lose ALL access to shared resources, interlibrary loan and statewide delivery; and all electronic resources on health care, business, and education. Over 200 libraries in New Jersey will lose email capability, internet access and help desk services as well. In addition, a 50% reduction for Per Capita State Aid will result in reduced funding for library staff and materials.

NJLA has set up a great page: savemynjlibrary.org

2. Know the complete story

Be aware of all the issues facing libraries. For example, Assemblyman John DiMaio has introduced A2555 which eliminates the minimum local funding requirement for municipal public libraries. If passed, there is no guarantee your municipality will continue to fund your library and could result in many libraries closing their doors or drastically reducing their hours. The best way to stay on top of any new developments is to sign up on capwiz.

3. Know how any cuts will impact your library:

• Overall cost of cuts to your library
• The cost to your library to replace the statewide databases.
• The amount your library will lose if Per Capita State Aid is cut in half.
• How many books does your library receive and send through ILL- use the statewide calculator to estimate the cost to your library.
• Connect the dots between your library’s budget loss /flat funding and the loss of funding from the state.
• Know the ways your library is helping people get jobs and have those stats and percentage of increase- job seekers, computer classes, Internet use, etc.
• Know a specific people who have directly benefited from the essential services your library is providing. You’ll want to use these stories to emphasize your points or allow the reporter to contact them if the person has agreed to talk to a reporter already.

If you have any questions, please feel free to email me. Good luck- Nancy